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Gives brands

energy that makes

people light-up


Touching an audience with your brand story requires empathy. In the search for relevance, at Studio Watt we use all senses. The question isn't what you do.

  It's what your work means to people.


Studio Watt is here to help you take all the steps required to become a recognizable, memorable brand. This starts with a clear strategy and then takes shape in a core message that resonates. First with the team. And then with your target audience.


We at Dopper, have always

had a great collaboration with Catrien.

It's nice to work

with someone who quickly understands

what is truly relevant.

Merijn Everaarts,

Founder Dopper



With a clear brand strategy you show what you stand for as a brand. It gives you character and an anchor. 

The brand strategy is the starting point for the brands key messaging. Your core values put into words that fit the brand and recur in all communication. 


If the brand strategy is clear and the anchor is in place, it’s time to get your people on board. Having your employees feel truly connected is the best promotion. Those working within the company are your ambassadors. They are the number one credible and effective source to attract new business, and new talent.


Promoting the brand becomes so much more interesting if it doesn't feel like you're selling, but rather offering something substantial. Your vision.  


With an expert opinion at the heart, we shape a steady drumbeat of content that voices the brand's core message and touches its audience.

How we work

To unlock energy in people, at Studio Watt we look for relevance. What difference does the brand make? And how does that matter in people’s lives? Promoting a brand becomes so much easier when you feel that it really contributes somehow. As a certified B-Leader, Studio Watt can even help you to take the step towards B corp certification, using your business as a force for good.


Their sharpness and direct questions ensure you quickly get to the heart of the matter. Team Studio Watt is very involved. I can recommend working with them to anyone, you will surely come out fully energised. 

Lenny Houwaart,

CMO The Good Roll


The best professionals often specialise along the way to become self-employed. So did Catrien de Jong and Elisabeth Verheijen, founders of Studio Watt. The duo has extensive experience in branding, working with renowned agencies for A-list brands such as ABN AMRO, NIVEA, Dopper, SIRE and Converse. It provided them with a lot of knowhow and a strong network of freelancers that come together at Studio Watt. ​

Studio Watt

Hannie Dankbaar passage nr. 8

1053 RT, Amsterdam Oud-West

+31 647018546

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